dijous, 19 de febrer de 2009

2nd day

Today. I was ill, all the day.
I have got up at 14 for have lunch. I didn't do anything interesting I read, I surf in internet and I wanted do homework... but I don't do U.U'
this is all for today, tomorrow a new day! ;)

dilluns, 16 de febrer de 2009

1st day

The last nigh a didn't sleep a lot of, because I've got a strong cold and ...I couldn't sleep.
I've got up at 7.30 and I have had a shower, I finished at 8.00 and I have had a breakfast, when I've finished I have gone at the house as a friend.. and we have gone at the high school (there are 2minutes by car and 10 minutes walking).
at 1st time I have got technology.. it was a little boring...
after; catalan; after English and we said goodbye at the teacher, because she was a substitute.
then I've a break.. and we make photos..
when we returned we have do philosophy, (we had watch a film, it was very interesting..) and finally we do maths...
we have had lunch and we returned at school. we do a practiser of physique and we speak with the tutor.
we finished at 17.30
at 7.00 I have gone at the library and after at 7.30 I've gone to English. I finished at 21.00.
I had dinner and now I'm here writing the diary and listen music!

good night!

in this block I put my diary for a week.